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So Ive managed to stay out of trouble some what for that last two weeks .. Although we do regular spanking every Monday to keep me in line we have not done them for one reason or another .. I was really tired last night an, was half way a sleep when I managed to piss off my husband , im not even a hundred percent what I said to him to be honest but he got up an left the room soon after I fell asleep .. when I woke this morning I realized he was upset with me .. so after he left for work I ask why an he hasn't yet told me but did say I am in trouble. an I no that if im not punished regularly I tend to get a bit sassy .. so im wondering what I should receive for my poor behavior ?

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Although your brain is only 2% of your body mass, it burns 20% of your calories daily.

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13 évesen rossz fát tettem a tűzre ezért kikaptam nagyon élveztem amikor a fenekemet verték el nadrágon keresztül azota nagyon izgat a spaking de ennek adását partnert keresek aki alaposan elfenekel akár redszereségel

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Views: 53 · Added: 22 hours ago

1) Where's the best place to get spanking-friendly (i.e. open back) garterbelts in sizes that will fit men?

2) Don't laugh - this is a serious question. Where can I get my rear shaved? I can't quite manage it by myself since I can't really see what I'm doing. And I don't think I'm up for one of those wax things. Will the people who do those shave you instead? If not, who will?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Views: 53 · Added: 1 days ago

HOW IS EVERYONE I HOPE GOOD .we will be putting up more movies soon ,thank you

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If you were to have purchased an iPhone piece-by-piece in 1991, it would have cost you a total of $3.56 million.

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Lately I've had to become a little more picky about who I am accepting friend requests from to weed out the fake profiles and those that I don't share many common interests with after being bombarded with friend requests and private messages over the last few months.Anyways in doing so I started to check for people with pictures,blog entries, and those that take the time to fill out there profile information and denying folks that don't.Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this? Apparently in doing so I've ticked some folks off by choosing who I accept friend requests from and who I don't lol because now I am getting nasty messages so to the idiot today that thanked me for the non friendship your very welcome flotsam!

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Today I got a spanking from a good friend who I thought could not bring me to tears. I was so wrong and surprise. My ass is so sore and it is very hard to sit. My ass is still on fire. I know I am going to try to make sure I do everything need to do to stay healthy and happy. I want to live a loner life. I want to achieve my goals that I have set for my life. I am glad that today I got a spanking and I learn that I will not underestimate my good friend again. very sore

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Views: 79 · Added: 2 days ago

The phone number "867-5309", from Tommy Tutone's hit song, sold on eBay for almost $190,000 in 2009.

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I looked him in the eye, and he had that look of determination.

“Honey, no, please no, not the woodshed.”

He stood pointing, pointing to the back yard, pointing to the woodshed.

When we got married, we made rules. You know the kind, overspending, buying things that weren’t necessary, chores. Those kind of rules. But the rules didn’t just apply to me, they applied to him too. Sometimes it’s me standing pointing to the woodshed, but today it’s him.

I bought some silk lingerie, not too expensive, but not in the budget. And it didn’t matter that they were the kind he especially liked and were in his favorite color and were very, need I say, very sexy. Nooo, that made no difference what-so-ever. He just stood there, pointing to the woodshed.

I put my hands behind my back, slightly bowed my head, put on my best pouty face and rolled my eyes up to look at him. I moved to him, placing my hands on his chest.

“Don’t you think that there are other things we could be doing? You know, the kind of things that make you soooo very happy.”

But he just stood there pointing to the woodshed.

“Oh, baby, we are still going to do those very happy things, but you are going to do them with a very sore bottom.”

Damn, I thought. I stomped my foot and tromped out back.

“Attitude will get you extra.”

I turned and stuck my tongue out at him.

“Ten extra.”

The rule with money issues was one spank for each dollar spent. But I spent $120.00 so that adds up to 130 spanks. The spanker could use any implement they wanted or use multiple implements. And believe me we have plenty of implements.

I went out to the woodshed. We always gave each other about 10 minutes to prepare. We have to disrobe completely and be in position over the bench. I usually get a little nervous at the last moment, and the longer he takes to get here, the more nervous I am. It’s almost a relief when he finally shows up.

He walked in and went directly to the implement cabinet. He seemed to take a few out and put them on the table close to the bench. He came over to me and patted my bottom a few times.

“I picked out 5 implements. There will be 25 spanks with four of them, and 30 with the last. And then that pretty little bottom of yours will be red and swollen and very tender to sit on— at least for a few days.”

I just knew he was grinning from ear to ear. I definitely will be planning my revenge. His time will come soon.

He bent to secure my hands and legs to the bench. He stepped away to grab the first implement. He taps my bottom with what seems to be the wooden paddle. Twenty-five spanks later my bottom is on fire. And trust me, I howled after each spank.

The next implement was his belt. I don’t mind the belt too much. Something about leather, the sound, the smell, leather gets me in the mood. If you know what I mean!

What comes next? I feel the tail of the little whip gently slapping my bottom. Oh, how I hate that thing. But he seems to love it, that is unless it’s being used on him. Twenty-five little red lines criss-crossing my bottom, burning like the devil. Oh, am I ever going to get even with him next time.

Now what, this man is really ticking me off. The strap, and I’m sure it’s the one with the little holes. He always does this, the strap after the whip. Those little holes whistle with every swipe. Red strap marks over thin red welts, I just might divorce this man after this. No one would blame me.

Finally the last implement. NOOOOOOOOOOO, it’s the cane and 30 of them. I won’t be able to sit down for a week or more, and he knows I have meetings the next 2 days. I sure hope he knows that those happy things I was talking about earlier, not happening.

I hear him put the implements away. Then I feel him running his hand over my bottom. Arnica. Blessed arnica. He removes the restraints and helps me stand. He puts me into my satin robe and we go back to the house. He leads me into the bedroom and has me lay on my tummy. The next thing I feel is a cool wet washcloth on my bottom, God that feels good.

He reaches under me and starts to rub my clit. He finds me already wet and waiting. First orgasm. He kneels between my thighs and slightly raises my hips before entering me doggy style.

Utter bliss.

©2014 CLG0413

It’ll be his turn sooner or later. Revenge will be sweet.

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My wife gave me the first spanking of my life on our 6 monts anniversery and took me totally by surprise.

I am like earlier mentioned turned on by seeing women in black leather pants and on that night my wife had decided to give me a treat.

We had dinner reservations and was getting ready to go when she came out of our bedroom.
I was stunned and blown away by the sight.

She had put on her tight black leather pants, 4 inch stiletto ankle boots, black leather jacket and black leather gloves. She looked sooo hot and I was totally speachless.

My wife dressed in black leather from top to bottom. Waau I was so turned on and she knew it.

We went to dinner and had a very nice evening. When we came home we layed on the sofa and watched a movie, when she all of a sudden pushed me up and told me to stand.
I did and she seated herself in the middle of the sofa, looked me straight in the eye and said the most wonderful words. You have been a very naughty boy and I am going to give you a good hard spanking.

I was schocked and stunned when she began to unbuckle my pants and just stood there feeling so confused and very turned on.
She took my pants and underwear down to my ankles at told me to get over her knees.
Feeling embarassed and foolish I obeyed her and placed myself over her leather clad knees and she began spanking my bare bottom with her hand.
She spanked very hard and fast and made my bottom red sore and hot in no time.

At some point I tried to reach back to protect my bottom, but she grabbed my wrist and held my arm away from my bottom with her left hand.
She scolded me for being a naughty boy and spanked me even harder.
I was totally unable to do anything and just had to lay over her leather clad knees and accept my punishment.

Just when I was getting into a panick state of mind and feeling tears in my eyes my wife stopped my spanking.I was told to go stand in the corner with my hands at my side and not to rub my bottom unless I wanted to go back over her knees.

Feeling ashamed of myself I stood in the corner thinking about what had just transpired and my mind was racing.

Then my wife called me out of the corner and as I turned around I saw her standing in the middle of our livingroom with a long thin cane in her hand.
I was told to pull out a dining chair, bend over and keep my hands on the seat. I obeyd her and bend over.
She gave me 12 very hard spanks vith her cane and made me count out every one.
I had tears in my eyes when she finished caning me and my knees was shaking under me in real pain.

I was sent back to the corner for 10 minutes and when my cornertime was over I had to come to her apologize for my naughty behavior and thank her for taken her time to spank and discipline me.

Then I was forgiven and she took me over her knees again and rubbed some cold cream into my sore bottom.

I had never felt so loved and cared for in my life, than I did at that moment and I love her for giving me a chance to liveout my fetish dreams.

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As you all know I'M a switch and several people have contacted me for spanking services. I might be considering spanking some of these naughty individuals.....stay tuned! tygrr

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Papichulo took me in his arms.
Papichulo plied me with his charms.
Papichulo whispered in my ear.
Papichulo made the moon appear.

Papichulo courted me politely.
Papichulo serenades me nightly.
Papichulo punishes discretely.
Papichulo spanks me hard but sweetly.

Papichulo's chest is like a sheltering retreat.
Papichulo's manhood is a monolith of meat.
Papichulo's shoulders are as broad as all creation.
Papichulo's eyes are like an open invitation.
Papichulo's laugh is like angelic jubilation.
Papichulo lays me down for loving flagellation.

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Like they say all good things come to an end. I was having a good streak going on lately. Until i went to my mailbox and got a letter saying I ran a red light I really don't remember running it the sign said yield so I don't no if I will have Much say so over this one. Ughhhhhh.

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Rather than go to bed at a reasonable time, creative minds prefer to stay up later during the night.

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I am a submissive husband, married to a wonderful woman that has accepted to be my disciplinarian when I misbehave and act like a nauhgty little boy. She is a strict woman and a firm believer in old fashioned discipline and she always uses bare bottom spankings to deal with me when I behave like a naughty little boy.

She always spanks me over her knees, because she finds it to be the most humiliating way to punish me. And it works I must say.
I am always blushing deep red when she takes out our spanking chair and sits down to discipline me.
It is hard to describe the humiliating state I am in, when she takes my pants and underwear down to my ankles and orders me over her knees. I can only say that I feel like a naughty little boy ready to be spanked by mommy.

My spankings are real, very hard and always bare bottom. She uses a heavy wooden bathbrush and a thick leather strap to spank me with and she often has me crying and sobbing over her knees before she stops my punishment.
Then I am sent straight to the corner with a stern warning not to touch my sore and burning bottom unless I want to go back over her knees for another hard spanking.
Standing with my nose in the corner I have to keep my hand at my side and that is very hard to do because I so want to rub the pain in my bottom away.

But I do not dare to disobey her because I know what will happen to me if I do. She also uses her long thin cane on my bare bottom when she thinks the situation warrants it.

Standing bending over our spanking chair she uses the cane very accurately and makes sure I feel the result of my naughty behavior for days. Dispite of the hard spankings she gives me I truely love her for giving me what I have always craved all my life, but never gotten before I met her. She is the love of my life and I am forever gratefull, that she has accepted to be my disciplinarian when I deserve and need it.

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Views: 99 · Added: 3 days ago

I think I am going to get spanked today and boy, do I need it. The show-off side of me is hoping to get some good "footage" to share here. I'm excited and nervous. The "naughty boy" side of me is very scared of what is going to happen and wondering why I feel such a strong need for this. The anticipation is killing me.

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Girl spent my money without discussing it with me.

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I HATE DENTIST VISIT!!!!! My daughter has to go to the dentist and this office is slow as hell. I am going to bring me a good book to read and pray I don't have to deal inpatient people. The doctor is good but the is slow. A lot people who go there are very inpatient. I know how to reschedule things don't fit in my time frame. Today will be my test on controlling my temper with uptight, angry, in a hurry people. Wish me luck

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Views: 93 · Added: 3 days ago

To tone up your buttocks ladies.

I have just read a fitness for females exercise programme.It recommends bending over grabbing your ankles,and holding that position for as long as possible.

I have been toughening up, and toning buttocks for years using that very same method.Even allowing my ladies to keep their high heel shoes on too.

Exercise for the sake of it.Or with purpose,or for a spanko reason ??.

Your opinions PLEASE S/tube ladies,and gents.

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