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He cleared his throat. "Does, uh... Does Cuddy know that you, uh...discipline these kids with corporal punishment?"
She nodded. "Of course, we discussed that on the very first phone conversation we had. And on her first visit, I showed her this."
She walked over to her cabinet and opened it all the way. For the first time House seen what was inside. On one side, there were five different Rattans all different lengths and weights. And each one had a different color tape on the end, designating age groups. On the other side hung three different paddles, one of them almost as big as the cabinet itself.
"You see?" She said. "As far as I know, Rachel is pretty well behaved. Dr. Cuddy is a great mom. But if little Rachel was to act up so severely or by breaking one of the critical morals, she would get either the smallest Rattan or the smallest paddle. And the maximum number of strokes I allow for children her age is four, because trust me, these little ones still hurt. They would to kids like her. Dr. Cuddy doesn't have the heart to do it, but it doesn't mean she disapproves. She'll be interested to know you've subjected yourself to it. You should tell her."

House turned his head and glared at her. "You mean blackmailed."

She grinned. "Same thing, considering you did it to yourself."

He softly chuckled and nodded towards her cabinet. "Well. Nevertheless, this is impressive." Just then his phone rang again. He picked it up without looking at it. "What, Foreman. I know, I said I'll be there in a minute. Yeah, well, I'll be there in another minute. Is his vitals stable? Good, I know what's wrong with him. Don't worry, he's alright, he'll make it. No, wait for me. Must i repeat myself?? In a minute. Duh!" He closed the phone, shaking his head. "Dumb Geniuses," he commented, indicating towards his phone.

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[Note: Originally the female star in this was to be called the Hicksville Cracker, but thanks to a friend I found out that cracker is a derogatory term in the US, whereas it is the reverse here in the UK! I've changed it to Kracka to avoid causing any offence.]

Saturday night in Hicksville are Misty’s favourite. Hell, they’re most people’s favourite.

The early part of the evening is spent at Ciggy’s, sampling the delicious cock tales and food. But then Ciggy closes up early and everyone heads over the road to Misty’s barn for the main event.

It starts with an auction. Misty runs this as a sealed bid auction and it is strictly for the womenfolk. Hicksville ain’t no equal opportunities town.

The women bid for the honour of becoming the band’s lead performer for the night. The bids are high for it is a very popular prize, with the winner known as the Hicksville Kracka for the night. Tonight Misty is grinning broadly as he opens the envelopes; the winning bid, from a lady he doesn’t know, is really very large. A record. She must be an out of towner. Word is getting round to other towns and an increasing number of people are coming in. Misty doesn’t mind, for he takes half* of the bid**, with the remainder distributed amongst the band.

The band, known as the Whipcrackas, soon gets everyone dancing. They are Deadeye Dan on bass, Jim on guitar, Misty himself on drums and Mike on bullwhip, with a front line of Ciggy, Cynthia and Kissie and, at right side with her arms tied above her head*** a naked Kracka.

Misty's drums are unique. The drums came in pairs, with each pair fashioned to look like a pair of buttocks. He plays them with birch twigs rather than drum sticks, and has developed a style somewhat reminiscent of a jazz drummer using brushes. He and Mike have developed an understanding and between them set the rhythm: Mike's perfectly timed use of the bullwhip as it strikes the Kracka's back and buttocks are an essential part of the Whipcrackas sound. And of course the staccato yelps and howls from the Kracka herself; each Kracka brings her own unique interpretation so every performance is different.

Towards the end of the set the tempo increases. On this particular evening all dancing has stopped for the first encore as the Kracka's gyrations and vocal accompaniments have the audience mesmerised (and more than one or two of them rather aroused). As the song ends the crowd breaks out in applause and cheering which lasts a full five minutes. Quite a lot of beer is spilled too.

Misty's grin is broader still, for the Kracka's performance means the bidding in the second auction is certain to reach record levels****. The second auction is for the menfolk with the prize to get to dance for the final song with the (still naked) Kracka. Tradition has it that the last dance isn't the winner's only prize.

So as he walks home at the end of the evening Misty is whistling cheerfully. He can’t wait to count the takings. His mood changes though as he reads the note he finds in his mailbox. Just one line, with each word cut from a newspaper:

“I no who you are”

* More correctly, Misty’s interpretation of half, for he is an entrepreneur
** Along with the bar takings and sales of the salty but popular iguana and bat scratchings that keep people heading to the bar all night long
*** What is the point of all those rafters in barns unless you tie the womenfolk to them?
**** Again Misty keeps 'half' with the remainder going to the Kracka. Despite this, if she puts on a good performance in the band the Kracka can end the evening ahead.

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Happiness. Wondered if I'd ever feel it again. Finally, a good day. Have been slogging through grief for what seemed an eternity.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

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I have had this fantasy since I was in college. Even now, I picture myself as a 19- or 20-year-old when I think of this.

An older (40ish--remember I am 20 in this scene) female teacher or school administrator has voiced her support of the notion that college boys were not too old to be given a spanking.

Upon hearing this, I go to her and confess things I need to be punished over. She plays cool at first until she finally makes me come out and ask her point blank to please spank me.

She is a good, strong looking woman. Not beautiful in the usual college-student-fantasy sense but she is strong, tallish and with a direct way of looking at me.

As I force myself to confess to her, she sits on a couch and I stand in front of her. I blush terribly as I tell this woman my worst sins and deepest needs. When I finally blurt our my plea that she should spank me, her face softens a little with a slight smile. She pats the couch beside her and asks me to have a seat next to her.

She then starts to quiz me on the spankings I have received from my mother growing up. I am mortified by her questions and my crimson face glows as I answer her. I stammer answers. Somehow her eyes keep my eyes locked though I desire to look down. I feel I cannot lie.

I tell her how I was taken naked and paddled for an offense when I was 11--how I cried and begged even before my pants came off, how I kicked and screamed and how I thought it would never end.

At first, I don't understand her fascination with my mother's administration of my discipline but soon I realize that she is excited, electrified, by my story. I sense her arousal in the slight trembling of her hands and the way her tongue darts out to wet her dry lips.

The knowledge of her lust embarrasses me further even as it inflames me. She is holding my hand as I continue to lay bare my shame. Apart from that, she has not touched me and we are both still fully clothed yet I am in danger of climaxing on the spot.

I tremble like a leaf and stutter over my words. She squeases my hand and prompts me to continue, "Yes, boy. Tell me more. This is good for you and I must know so that I understand what you need."

... to be continued.

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Hi there:

I know they have a whole line of videos on here called spanking over skirts, but this is a little different.

So, I spent last weekend with Him and I received a punishment spanking for absentmindedness and missing a few days of exercise and writing, etc. He didn't instruct me to bring any implements with me so I deliberately didn't thinking that I was being slick.

Unbeknownst to me, however, it was his intention all along to use his hand. Now, he's used his hand before. In fact, when he used it on my bare bottom last month, he surprised me by spanking me so hard I struggled to get away. I didn't think, I just reacted. He had to hold me down. Prior to last month he had never spanked me that hard with his bare hand.

This time, he surprised me again by spanking me over my jeans. All I can say is thank God he didn't pull them down because I'm pretty sure I would have jumped off his lap and made a break for the front door. Even so, he spanked me so hard he managed to make it sting pretty badly through the denim. Now mind you, the jeans were tight. It was impossible for me to keep my decorum so eventually I gave up. The spanking was almost hard enough to get my endorphins going. That usually only happens with the wooden paddle.

He said he enjoyed spanking me over my jeans. He felt like he could spank me much harder without the guilt of seeing the evidence of the spanking on my bare behind and because I had the protection of the denim. My behind was red afterward but not bruised or swollen like it would have been from the wooden paddle.

So, here is my question: Do you spank or get spanked over denim? If so, do you use your hand or is it always an implement? Also, do you like to watch videos and/or read stories about spanking over denim? Do tell.

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I was over visiting s friend with some of my girlfriends . We had dinner and played cards. While visiting I noticed a ping pong paddle sitting on a desk. Before I came on this site and ST I would never had given it a second thought. But each time I walked past that desk I had to look at that paddle just innocently sitting there. One thing I knew they had no ping pong table and that they did have two young kids. Do they use it on the kids or does my girlfriend get it used on her bottom and why did they just have it sitting there????? Did they secretly want to show it off and get a thrill by doing so and why was the paddle calling me lol

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Ok everybody. I have a question. Here on ST when somebody sends me a message to my inbox the page displays the number of messages next to the inbox at the top of the page. When I click on the inbox, it takes me to my inbox which shows that I have read all of my messages, yet the indicator still shows that I have a new message. Am I missing a message that is not showing or is something else going on? Also, feel free to spank me over this? Lol

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It feels like i havent posted a blog on here in forever. I no i try to update often. But ive just have been busy. Ive been sick for a couple weeks so ive been trying to get over that. Work work work and traveling has me going crazy busy.. As far as me and the lifestyle its actually going really good for me i no that sounds vague but id rather post my work than drive out a long story and everything. Id really like to thank everyone on my clips4sale page i no i havent posted on their for awhile but the love i get on their is wonderful..thanks to everyone....

Next week im going to a halloween party with one of my bosses from work. Its a three day event with different themes every night. They have live shows as well and one of them is a spanking scene my boss mentioned it to me and said maybe they will pick me to spank....i was like wow maybe this is the start of something i never knew about her. I cant lie and say i wouldnt cause i do hope she gets picked or volunteers herself to get up their cause that is something i would love to see.

But other than that everything else is going good. Hopefully i can post a vid still waiting for it to get back to me. Thanks for the pic love as well im going to try and post pics every day or every other day i no im more interactive on fetlife so im going to try to interact the same amount on both pages. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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This was a custom video request. Not my usual forte but it was different and interesting to perform and record! Teenage boy thinks he is too old to be put over Mommy’s knee for a spanking. But when caught smoking and then lying about it Mommy shows him otherwise and who is in charge.
First unzipping his jeans I pull him across my lap. He is completely embarrassed by the fact he is going to be spanked bare bottom. I use my bare hand and then make him get my hairbrush out of my purse. To control his struggling I use a leg lock and when he tries placing his hand across his back side, I also restrain his arm!

Ms Rebekah Hurtz

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So I have posted a couple of stories on my Blog. Always looking for feedback. Requests also welcome. I have another request for the next story but I need more. Tell me what things you'd like to see in them. Humiliation, positions for the spankings, any role play ideas.
All input appreciated.

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I met Julie on a BBS in the early '90s. We met in person at one of their events, a regular Friday evening after-work gathering at a local watering hole. There was definitely chemistry, but I was married and seemingly unavailable.

Flash forward a year or so and my marriage had fallen apart, as had the relationship that led to my marriage falling apart. I was ready to head back to Kansas City from the San Francisco Bay Area when Julie - who had moved back to LA to assist her elderly parents - invited me to come down for a visit before I headed east.

It was the first evening I was there that we had a candid conversation about sexual preferences and I admitted to liking spankings, something I was usually reluctant to bring up for fear of being thought a pervert or sicko. "I like spankings," she said matter-of-factly, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

In the following days as we explored LA and our fantasies, my departure date kept getting pushed back further and further. A typical day was the Saturday we drove out to Santa Monica and Hollywood/West Hollywood, stopping at the famous Pleasure Chest to shop for toys.

She'd had me wear a pair of her panties under my jeans, the first time I'd done anything like that. As she drove, she reached over and unzipped my fly so she could caress me through the silky panties.

When we got to the Pleasure Chest, we were surprised to see none other than country singer k.d. lang among the shoppers. We headed to the section featuring butt plugs and vibrators, appropriately located in the rear of the store. Julie consulted with one of the pretty young salesgirls and they examined various items, all of which appeared ominously LARGE to my inexperienced eyes. "Don't you have anything SMALLER?" I wailed, to the general amusement of all within earshot.

We wound up buying several items including a little plastic egg connected to a battery-containing handle by a wire. After taking our purchases home, she took me over her lap, lubed up the egg, and inserted it in my ass. Then she spanked me while it vibrated in my asshole. After that, I was hers. I'd never met anyone quite like her, and wished only that we'd met when we were younger. The just over 20 years we had together wasn't nearly enough.

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The rain just keeps falling so I have been doing quite a few indoor activities such as strapping, caning and OTK spankings recording most of them!

I just finished a video called "Mom Spanks". This was a custom video and usually not my forte but I enjoyed the role play!

Feel free to join My spanking group on Google+ and follow me on tumbler

Have a wonderful evening!

Ms Hurtz

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YOU GLO GIRL!!!!! Marie is 26 weeks pregnant and is looking it now as well. I love rubbing lotion on her big ol preggy belly, and I just think she's the sexiest damn creature around.

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I feel like I need to vent but don't no the right way to put it with out offending anybody .. I want to have a friend I cant talk to about everything any anything which I guess that is what my husband is for but he just annoys me most of the time its like talking to a wall but some times I think the wall might have more to say.. like I go on a rant about something an I want feed back an get no where , nothing comes out his mouth id like to punch him in the face when he does this, (I wouldn't actually do this ..) but sometimes it would be nice to be able to without getting my ass kick lol ... Maybe the tables should be turned an I should be the boss cause he has some things him self that he needs to work on ..( although that is just me talking crap about me being the boss part lol he really does need to work on this bad habit its like he's zoned out thinking about something else an hears nothing I've just said) .. An again we have seemed to get off track when it comes to trying to live a dd lifestyle .. He sets rules an then just sits back an lets me brake them , like the reminder spanking that is suppose to be given every Monday haha I haven't had one in weeks ... I just don't understand .. how he can claim to be the boss but then doesn't show his authority.. that is confusing an irritating .. maybe its just me an I am over thinking the situation .. an like I said i do try an talk to him about how I feel but he doesn't always talk back .. an then I make a friend that one day seems interested an the next day wants nothing to do with me an that just confuses the fucking shit out of me as well ... I think the men in my life need to communicate better before I lose my mind lol .. its just way to many mixed signals an you would think that they would understand .. when it comes to most things men are a lot more simple then women but jeeze not talking at all !!

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I went to a boys boarding school where I was slippered over my pyjamas by the school matron and caned by my housemaster, trousers and pants down Painful and humiliating experiences but the roots of my adult pleasures.

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I turned my Jenga game into spanking Jenga last night. : )

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I was cranky and overtired. Sir had sent me an email and I didn't like what he said. My reply was rude, maybe even obnoxious. He replied that I was out of line and would be receiving 100 strokes.

I met him at the location and saw him sitting with another woman. He directed me to kneel in the corner and wait. I faced the corner as Sir interviewed her about her prior experiences. He sent her to go get several implements. When she left, Sir took me onto his lap and explained that this woman would be doling out my punishment today instead of him.

Sir undressed me and ordered me to lay over the spanking bench. He warmed me up with his hand and then the woman gave me 10 strokes with the strap. Next up was the flogger -- again 10 strokes as Sir squeezed gently around my throat. After that, each foot was strapped 10 times. I was taking it well at this point. Then the woman cuffed me and my hands were tied from the ceiling; I was standing on my tippy toes. The woman started whipping me with a single tail. It wrapped around my legs and cut into the flesh of my thighs. I was dancing from the pain. I was unhappy and teary-eyed. I lost count of all strokes at this point. I shut down, refused to speak. Sir tried to kiss me but I wouldn't. The rest is a bit of a blur. There were some cane strokes, some more of the strap. I don't really know. I was tuning everything out. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm still processing this session. Not sure how I'm going to feel about it in a few days.

Things got better afterward. Sir sent the woman away. He tossed me over his knee for a long spanking because I was refusing to talk and to kiss him. I warmed up to him. He stroked me and then I had a nice orgasm. In fact, I squirted so hard that Sir's socks got soaked and had to be thrown out. :) He held me on his lap and told me how proud he was.

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I remember, on 1996, after Internet went "viral" (here in México, at least), having this book in my hands.

Short after, i had the chance for the first time in my life, to use Internet to look for something i wanted to. I yahhoed: "The Art of Spanking"....


it was when magic made its appearance!!

Literally thousands of spanking pages right in front of my eyes, for me to look at them!

Such an amazing time!

Enjoy the book! Is worth it! Sooo worth it!

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This story is a excerpt from a K-On fanfiction I've done called 'Scarlet Kouhai'.


"Azu-nyan. What did you just say?" Ui looked at Yui. Her sister had her head down. Azusa was briefly confused.

"I said..." Realizing what she had just said, she clamped her hands over her mouth. Yui raised her head. Her expression was dark.

"You just swore at Ui and said she was useless, didn't you?" Ui could feel the fury in her sister's voice.

"O... Onee-chan, it's okay. She didn't mean it."

"Ui, please leave the room."


"I said leave the room!" Hesitating for a second, Ui headed out, Yui following. "And don't come back in until I tell you, understand?" The guitarist then closed the door and returned to Azusa, who was trembling.

"Yui-sempai, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that."

"Quiet Azu-nyan!" Yui snapped. Azusa shut up. "Now listen carefully. I may adore you to pieces, and I don't care if you get upset at me, but no-one, and I mean no-one, ever talks to my sister like that, especially with that kind of language." Azusa was terrified by Yui's tone of voice. The airhead never got like this. Clearly, Azusa had touched a nerve. "I know I messed up, knocking your juice onto your notes and uniform, but there was absolutely no need for you to act like that."


"I SAID BE QUIET!!!" Azusa shrank back. "It seems pretty clear that you're still a child, Azu-nyan. And if that's the case, then I have no choice but to treat you like one."

"W-what do you mean?" Azusa asked in fear. Yui moved away and pulled her chair out.

"What do you think?" The kouhai's heart leapt into her throat. She clutched her bottom.

"No, please. Not that. Anything but that." Yui sat down.

"Yes. I think you need a really good spanking, Azu-nyan." Azusa's heart skipped several beats.

"Yui-sempai, please. I know I should have behaved better. I promise, it'll never happen again." Azusa begged.

"Maybe you should have thought about that before running your mouth off. Now come over here, or do I need to drag you kicking and screaming?"

"Yui-sempai, please. I'm really sorry." Yui pointed at her knees. Realizing that it was futile, Azusa slowly walked over. I can't believe it. Why did I have to say that?! I'm such an idiot! Yui grabbed the kouhai and threw her over her knees. She then grasped Azusa's skirt and threw it up, then yanked her panties down. "Yui-sempai. Please, not bare." Azusa begged, blushing brightly and trying to shield her bottom with her hand.

"Oh yes, this is exactly what you need. Now move your hand, or I'll take my shoe off and use that." The kouhai reluctantly returned her hand to in front of her. She could feel the air on her exposed skin. Her mind was a whirl of feelings. Regret at what she had done, and embarrassment at what Yui was about to do to her.

I can't believe this is really happening. This is so humiliating. Since she was a really good girl, her parents had practically never felt the need to discipline her, so this was a complete first for Azusa. She had heard about bare bottom spankings, and she had heard that they was painful and embarrassing, but experiencing it first-hand was completely different. She then felt Yui clutch her side.

"Now don't even think about blocking it, Azu-nyan. Or you'll get the shoe, understand?" Yui instructed firmly.

"Yes ma'am." Azusa replied meekly. So there it was. The catgirl lay across her sempai's knees, bottom exposed, looking down at her hands. For what seemed like forever, that moment held. Then she felt Yui move. SMACK! "OW!" With that single hit, Azusa knew she was in for a rough ride. SMACK! "OW!" SMACK! "OOWW!!" SMACK! "OOOWWW!!!" Each slap brought a loud retort from Azusa. SMACK! "OW!!" Yui spanked with seemingly inhuman strength. SMACK! Azusa squirmed wildly. SMACK! Her instincts screamed at her to protect herself, but she remembered Yui's warning, so she grabbed the chair and held on for dear life. SMACK! "AAAAHHHHH!!!!" the kouhai screamed. SMACK! "YUI-SEMPAI, I'M SO SORRY!!! I DIDN'T MEAN TO SWEAR LIKE THAT!!!" SMACK!

"Like I said, Azu-nyan..." SMACK! " should have thought about that before." SMACK!

"OOOWWWW!!! PLEASE STOP!! IT HURTS!!" Azusa pleaded, tears falling. SMACK!

"Spankings are supposed to hurt. They're to teach you a lesson." SMACK! Clearly, Yui was immune to her dear kouhai's cries and pleads. SMACK! Her legs kicking, Azusa realized that Yui was a long way from forgiving her. SMACK!


"Leave Ui out of this, Azu-nyan. This is between you and me." SMACK! The torture continued on. Azusa kept screaming in pain and begging Yui to stop. After 5 agonizing minutes, Yui stopped. Azusa lay limp, sobbing and sniffing. Had she finally been granted mercy? There was a timid knock.

"Onee-chan? I think she's learnt her lesson." Ui said through the door.

"Maybe she has..." Azusa's heart lifted slightly. "But I want to be absolutely sure." And so it started up again. SMACK! Yui's hand collided with Azusa's enflamed bottom. The kouhai's subsequent scream filled the house.

"NOOOOOO!! YUI-SEMPAI, PLEASE!! I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE!!!" SMACK! "AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Outside, Ui covered her ears as best she could, trying to muffle the sound. She desperately wanted to run in and stop this, but felt she may only make things worse. Her heart filled with sadness. Inside the room, Yui kept her pace up, spanking harder than before. SMACK! Azusa's bottom was redder than a strawberry and felt hotter than a fire. SMACK! The catgirl kept begging for her punishment to stop, torrents of tears flowing down her face. SMACK! "AAAAHHHHH!!!" SMACK! Wondering how much longer she'd had to suffer, she squeezed the chair, her knuckles white. SMACK! "OOOOWWW!!!!! SEMPAI, PLEASE STOP, I'M BEGGING YOU!!!" SMACK! Yui began to slow, feeling that it had been long enough. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

And with those final (even harder) spanks, she stopped. "Okay Azu-nyan. That's enough for you." Azusa's pain-ridden brain flooded with relief. It was over. Grasping the kouhai's shoulders, Yui pulled her up and looked straight at her. "Do you promise never to swear again?"

"*sob* *sniff* Yes... *sniff* Yes, I promise. Never again. *sob*" Azusa promised, tightly clutching her bottom.

"And do you promise never to talk to Ui like that again?"

"Yes, I swear I will never do it again. *sniff*" Satisfied at this, Yui released Azusa. Unable to stand, the catgirl dropped to the floor. Standing up, Yui turned away and opened the door.

Passing Ui, she said, "I need to clear my head.", then headed downstairs. Seeing Azusa in a broken heap, Ui headed in and hugged her. Her friend clutched her and started crying again.


"*sob* I'm sorry, Ui. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. *sob*"

"Ssh shh, it's okay. Don't try to talk." Ui whispered. Azusa continued crying, her bottom in flames. Ui held her. I should talk to Onee-chan about this later.


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