Brutal Punishments
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Really craving a discipline bare bottom over my knee which babygirl wants to take that offer?(:

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Driving my battered old van down a country lane I came across a lady who had broken down. I managed to fix her car for her quite quickly and she was so grateful she offered me a reward - anything I fancied. I told her, slightly embarrassed that I wanted a sore bottom. She couldn't find a hairbrush in her bag and neither was her or my footwear suitable. Sorry she said, looks like you're out of luck. Then I thought what the hell and snapped the aerial off my old banger. She bent me over the bonnet and laid it on good.
A couple of weeks later my bottom was no better so I paid a visit to the doctor who informed me it was the worst case he had ever seen of van aerial disease.

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Anyone remember getting spanked when you were in diapers?

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Francesca14 is by far the best account on here such an obedient girl very naughty and supportive of daddysir

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Babygirl wants to reward me by allowing a spanking of my choixe settle the amount of bratty behaviors and driving her what should I equal her bare bottom to what cost should a bratty girl get? Comment spanking suggestions and I’ll post the results

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So todays question is rather easy, I was watching a video composed of various diaper positioned females being spanked. Now to -me that is very difficult if not impossible position. I cant see myself doing a diaper position for a spanking- I think I would have to be strapped down before I get spanked mercilessly.

So to you! the reader I am asking what is 1 position that you have done or thinking about doing a spanking position that you yourself questioned?

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I got home from work tonight and my journal was sitting on the stool of my makeup table, I haven't written in it for 21 days. Mostly because I have been doing assigned research on poly dynamics as Sir is looking to add another Sub to our dynamic in the future, I have been researching and writing notes for us to go over but I didn't write them in my journal because I thought it was better to keep them separate. Sir wrote in my journal that I better have 21 days worth of notes by tomorrow or I'm getting a serious spanking. I hope he is happy with my notes, because I can see how it looks like I've been ignoring my journal, but I have been researching and trying to learn. If he feels like it's not enough, obviously I will accept my punishment, but I should have talked to him more about the research so I didn't end up in this situation. I don't think it's really fair if I get punished, but I respect Sir's decision and I will gladly accept it,to end the guilty feeling that I disappointed him.

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So. Let me u all in on something .I live with friends that are pill addicts I mean over the top pill heads. He is passed out on love seat she is passed out while eatting food . Good God . I don't do pills at all . So IAM sitting here babysitting two grown ass people she is 57 he is 56 I have. Cleaned and cooked and cleaned again. And done laundry.. it's really hard to deal with my shit when I have to deal with this... Took I give up... What's next..dammmm I don't think there is a long enough ass whooping to get rid of my stress.dammmmm

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yay I can finally write on the blog now I'm a happy lady xx

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I'm wanting to take a naughty boy over my knee and check their temp for them. Give their bottom a good rub. Then I want to switch places and get mine checked to.

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things in life sometimes have a way of getting the better of us......ive let this happen......i miss you mommy and need you to forgive me for my distance. i just need you mommy.

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So start of a new day. Going to clean and cook. And deal with my daily hell I live in. Changing my name to Cinderella. No lie that's all I do is cook clean and laundry... It is what it is .I guess .. my daughter messaged me yesterday. I didn't say much to her... Her morgtage is coming up so she wants to play nice so she can try to get half from me boy she is in for a shock. Hmmm don't think so... Disrespect me u don't get a dime....

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I never really understood why people get so weird or upset, sad or bitter about someone else when they have struggled to finally make it to a better place. This better place may be emotionally, physically, psychologically, within a healthy relationship, etc. etc.

I just never understood that. Personally speaking I have 2 individuals in my life, on the outskirts but still semi-part of it, and they treated me like garbage. Both cheaters, both users, both could never give me a definitive "I love you and want you to stay" and both had their own reasons for that. My current relationship is not perfect by any means but there's a lot I can say about him that makes him head and shoulders above the other boys I've encountered.

Point being, don't be mad at anyone but yourself. You get left. Why would anyone stay around where they feel they aren't valued? If you never do the romantic and sweet gestures....she's going to leave. Again, it's not the cost. It is the gesture in and of itself. Don't be mad when you create a huge gap and a real man steps up to hold down what you couldn't get a handle on. If your lady has to be the one to pay and arrange for everything, that's an issue too. What you're looking for is a good time. Way to go for making a woman with emotions and a huge heart feel cheap and worthless. Pieces of

Anyways, if you want it then make the effort to go get it. I don't need all this negativity and emotional stuff in my life. Worked way too hard to rise above it and build myself up.

Make the steps forward or step the hell back.

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Yesterday, I wriggled about during my morning spanking, G seemed to be hitting much harder with his favourite crop. I even stood up, yelling, “ Don’t go so hard. ‘ He was not impressed so continued even harder.
Later that morning I sent an apology message to him, saying I was sorry, I had no right to yell at him like that, or tell him what to do. I promised I would try much harder to stay still.
He replied, I should think so too !
This morning as he was picking his crop up, I stood up ready to kneel on the chair, when he said, “ I’d like to do your tits today. Seeing as you wriggled about yesterday. ‘ I glared at him, fuming, as he looked at me until I took my dressing gown off, and went to lift my nightie up. “ You may as well take it off fully and put your hands on your head. “ I knew I was throwing him the death stare, I was so fucking mad.
I thought or hoped he may not do the full 30 on my tits, of course I was wrong.
He had this evil look on his face, like he knew I was totally pissed off and he found it amusing. I did not !
10 on my left tit, just above the nipple, doing 10 on my right tit seemed to hurt so much more and I couldn’t stop myself from covering my tits with my arms, slowly putting my hands back on my head when I saw his look on his face. I think I did this 3 times just on that 10. G was not impressed. I will be honest I swore a lot.
Then the last 10. When he spanks my ass in the morning, I get 10 on each cheek, then 10 across both, I prayed he wasn’t going to do that, but when he turned me sideways, I knew he was going to go across both.
I felt so fucking mad, I wanted to scream at him, naturally I didn’t, I just put a stoney look on my face, glaring at the curtains as he whipped across both tits twice, before my arms covered them again, swearing like a trooper.
Slowly my arms went back, hands on my head, he held my elbow to stop me moving as another 4 whipped my tits, always just above my nipples.
Again, I grabbed my tits, “ Fucking hell, “ I yelled. He was starting to get very cross with me, as my hands returned, he held my elbow harder so I couldn’t move it down. Another 3 struck me and I repeated grabbing my tits.
G grabbed my arms moving them away, held my arm and whipped me 2 or 3 times, I can’t remember which. I was too pissed to count.
Once it was over, the death stare continued, I went to grab my nightie but he stopped me, looking at me until I thanked him for my morning spanking, through gritted teeth. I threw my nightie on quickly, pouting and glaring, I put my dressing gown on and went to my stool for contemplation time.
“ I think tomorrow we will do the same spanking as you wriggled about so much then. “ I didn’t reply, just snatched my timer of the cupboard to put 20 minutes on it. “ Ermmm, don’t snatch things like that. “ he told me, giving me a kiss before he headed to work. “ I will look forward to a grovelling text, apologising for all the wriggling. “ He turned my face to look at him, holding my chin, slapping my cheek. “Mmmmmmmm,” l replied in a sarcastic way, “Pardon ?” He asked but I said nothing, he slapped my other cheek then he left for work.

I was left fuming on my stool. Was he fucking joking, I should apologise for wriggling about. He should try having the crop whipped across his man-tits, see how he likes it.
Fucking apology, yeah right.
Tits, pussy, cock and balls are all such delicate parts of our body so why do people think they should get spanked, they should be cherished not spanked.
Unfortunately, I know he will probably read this blog, so he won't be happy, but I had to vent, and let it all out.
I did take the photos during contemplation time, coz I know the marks might fade quickly, but as soon as they were done, I went to finish my contemplation time.
But this Serf is not a happy Serf, I’m glad I’m out tonight, because, I feel I may be a very stroppy, bratty Serf for the entire evening.
Venting finished.

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I was saying to Sir how lucky I felt that he had no visitors that day that he spanked me and put me on the naughty stool...he asked why and I said I would have felt humiliated because it seemed so juvinile...well he ordered me to post those pics so everyone can see....saying pride comes before a least you can't see the tears

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Bored now bedtime yawn!

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Is anybody there?
Hellooo testing testing 123 spank?

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Perfect Spanking