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That depends. Hmm.... making suggestions -can- be topping from the bottom.... or perhaps in this case it might be bottoming from the top, lol. I think in this case it was not topping from the bottom, which I generally consider poor form. There are exceptions. For instance, occasionally when bratting is kind of a fun game for both people, a kind of game of bluffs and challenges when the circumstance is meant to be a fun kind of playing around with a resulting stinging bottom as part of the bargain.

In the circumstance of my recent weekend spankings, surprisingly, I wasn't bratting....but exploring new things with an old friend. I think it's particularly a GOOD idea, for the sub to make suggestions when it's an appropriate point to discuss such things.... in fact when I have been the 'Top' as it were, I found it irritating when the sub couldn't express enough intelligence to participate on that level.

A meek and humble servant is a fine thing, but give me one that is intelligent enough to think on their own and I will be a far happier Mistress.

And what might surprise you more, is that said friend who was spanking the ever living hell out of my poor backside, had not ever actually spanked anyone otk before. Mind you, here's a guy that had already given me a hell of a spanking on several occasions.... and it required my 'suggestion' (read articulated consent) for him to feel comfortable violating my modesty ( grin ) to pull up my skirt , and also he wasn't quite aware of just how easy it is to pin someone with your legs while you are spanking them to get them to stay relatively still.

This is what happens when the dominant person is also your protege, lol. My suggestions seemed to do more to amplify his ability and comfort level with being in a dominant position. Very, very quickly, to the point where I was actually squirming around and quite sure that I was after all getting a -real- spanking.

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Welcome to all of my recently added friends!
I'm so excited to have had so many recent additions. As a reward I am going to start uploading some of my early films to spanking tube IN THERE ENTIRETY!
Please visit my website for the latest updates!


Heidee Nytes

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#RiseAndShine Accepting a compliment with grace is a virtue and reflects your willingness to love yourself and treat yourself with dignity and respect #StrictMotivation

Strict Motivation offers help reaching your worthy life goals, through working, goal oriented real life coaching, Easily affordable. Strict Motivation is created to work Long Distance, from the convenience of your home and tailored to your specific needs, including as much discretion as you desire. Your gender identity or age are of no objection to Me. Strict Motivation is a holistic step by step approach. My Successrate with willing people tops 90%. no tricks, just get better with #StrictMotivation (c)

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Just looking to met people in Michigan and have some fun. Im a male age 26 looking for a female or male that would like to spank me vis vera depending on what your into. Im pretty open on the type of spanking or tools used during. I would be open to sex or oral before or after the spanking IF the person was up for that if not we can just keep it casual and spank. Send me a private message if interested and I can also prove who I am through messages. Yes I know about fetlife but figured I put a blog here as well.

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The colleges here are on mid term at the moment so I have a lovely week off. Jen had no business in the city yesterday so we stayed at home and tended to the garden and swept the leaves from my driveway. I was in the kitchen when the house phone started to ring,Jen was in the garden. I answered the phone and immediately got a fright,on the phone was Jenny's Mum,she sounded very frightened and worried. She told me that her husband,Jenny's Dad, had left their house to walk to the village to buy scones and had not returned,he had left two hours ago. I banged at the kitchen window to get Jen's attention and she came inside. I handed the phone to her and got my car keys. Jen called her Mum back on her mobile. We decided to search the area. From Jenny's parents house there is two ways her Dad could walk into the village,the first way,and shortest way,is past my house,the other way is the main road. I got into my car and Jen into hers. I searched the road past my house while Jen searched the main road. On the way I came across one of our neighbours and told him what was happening, he went directly to be with Jen's Mum and begin a search of the farm. Jen was very worried. It is a very rural area and anything can happen,especially worrying was that Jen's Dad had a heart attack three years ago and we were afraid something like that had happened again while he was walking. I drove into the village and went into the local shop,the lady in there informed me the Jen's Dad had not been in. I came outside the shop and met the owner of our local pub,I told him what was happening and he immediately called some other men and they headed towards the farm to search. Jen arrived in the village and we decided to retrace our steps. Jen informed the local garda sergeant,but being a rural station there was only him and one other garda on duty. The sergeant got in the squad car and headed for the farm to talk with Jen's Mum. Jen and I split up and drove back along the roads,heading for her parents farm.We were all very worried. Her Dad does have a mobile phone but repeated attempts to call the phone was useless,it just kept ringing.

As I drove alone the road leading to my house I kept looking in the bushes at the side of the road,fearing the worst. Suddenly my phone rang,it was my niece's boyfriend,I had forgotten all about him restoring his tractor in my barn. He asked where was I and before I could answer asked why the house was locked,that 'they' wanted to make coffee. I assumed the 'they' meant my niece and him. My niece had gone to work at the health studio where she teaches swimming. I asked had my niece come home and he replied 'not yet'. Before I could say anything more,he said that Jen's Dad needed to use the toilet too. My heart missed a beat I had driven past my house,so I turned the car around. Told him to tell Jen's Dad to cross his legs and that I needed to hang up but would be home soon. I rang Jen. Jen hit the roof and said that there was twenty five people now searching the farm land and surrounding area. The garda sergeant had called for back up from a neighbouring village,her Mum couldn't stop crying and she had rang her sister in another county and she was very worried too. I drove up the driveway to my house to see my niece's boyfriend and Jen's Dad sitting outside my house on the old bench chatting and taking in the Autumn sunshine. I told them what had happened. Now it was the turn of Jen's Dad to look worried.

A few minutes later Jen drove up the driveway at speed with her Mum in the car,they were followed by the garda sergeant in his squad car,I immediately wondered had I hidden my poitin(similar to moonshine,only nicer taste,LOL). Jen's Mum got out of the car and between Jen and her Mum poor Jenny's Dad suffered the most horrible ear bashing you have ever heard. The sergeant called off the back up and the searchers at the farm texted me and told me that all drinks were on Jen's Dad in the pub that evening.

What had happened? Well Jen's Dad did leave the house with the intention of going to the village to buy scones,but had evidently come onto my property and went to the barn knowing my niece's boyfriend was working on the tractor. His phone was in his jacket and with the noise those two were making he never heard it. Jen checked his phone and discovered the ringtone had been put on silent. Jen drove her parents home. My niece's boyfriend lost his helper and I went into the garden and sat down with a nice cup of tea . When Jen returned I asked her was everything okay? She told me her Mum has refused to make her Dad's dinner and threw a tea towel at him,she left them to it and would check back later on to see that her Mum hadn't kill her Dad. Jen and I cuddled in the beautiful Autumn sunshine and enjoyed our tea. Panic over!

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I put the add about outside play. And got this letter:
Role play "Indians and their slaves"
We have bondage gear that we have developed over time by trial and error. Ropes tighten and cut off circulation so we use modified leather belts or cloth belts. They do not tighten and do not leave any marks or rope burns. We have a number of "toys" that we use along with what nature provides. A broken stick pulled gently over the skin is very effective, as well as a thin wood stick for a switch. A leather boot lace tied to a stick makes a nice whip. Two small stones work well for pinching the skin of the cock and balls, and a sharpened stick is great for light jabbing. A piece of metal warmed in a fire only until it is uncomfortably warm makes a "branding iron. For this and other things involving heat we control it by checking it on ourselves first to make sure it is not too hot and causes a burn. Safety first always!!! Tied spread eagle between two trees and slowly raising a bowl of hot water, (Again uncomfortably warm and not hot enough to cause harm.) up under the cock and balls makes any man captive struggle to save his tender flesh even before it touches him. Always a fun one to perform and watch the result. With the hands tied to a tree limb over the head the captive will always try to pull away trying to save himself. It is hopeless but it is what the body naturally does when it sees it is about to be tortured. Then it will instantly start twisting, dancing, and kicking the legs in response to the pain even though it is harmless. All of these were used by the Indians on captives and can be easily controlled. Unlike when the Indians were torturing their captives, we are in it just for the fun and excitement of it, and to learn just a tiny bit of what it was like to be both the Indians who enjoyed performing the tortures, and the captives who died some of the most horrible slow and painful deaths that I can imagine. Most of their methods we can only talk about, which is by itself a turn-on, especially around the fire before we start the nights amusement. (For instance; A young white woman slave tried to escape from the Indians in West PA and was caught a few miles away. She was brought back to the town and stripped naked then tied spread eagle between trees and burnt with smoldering sticks all over her body. Then she was skinned alive by being burned with fire a little at a time and the blistered skin scraped off with sharp flint. When this was finished she was still alive and conscious but certainly dying. To finish her torture she was tied spread eagle to a frame of poles and roasted to death over a bed of coals. The witness that recorded this said the warriors tortured her for over ten hours. Many more men were tortured by the Indians than women, but when the opportunity arose the warriors did not pass up a chance to rape and torture a woman just to watch her naked body fighting in fear, writhing in pain, and listening to her screams.) For torture we have staked each other out on the ground, between two trees, and with our hands over our head. There are methods we want to try such as being tortured at the stake but you need at least two "Indians" and a "captive" to make it work right. S/M play is fun as you know.'
Really like this idea and like to do movie about this play!

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Everyone thinks you sleep so peacefully.
To those around you seem so carefree.
Living life and play the so called game.
On and on, day by day it's always the same.
Pressure mounts, they think you handle it well.
No one knows, no one can tell.

Late at night when you close those eyes.
Like a coma paralysed, nothing but anguished cries.
Powerless as the storm builds and continues to rage.
You can read and read, yet cannot turn the page.
Another dream turns to nightmare, still helpless to stop it all.
Monsters come out from the bed, demons from the wall.

As foreign as it is, the nightmare slowly replaces your life.
Peace, love and happiness all but forgotten in the strife.
Your opponent strengthens, no longer restricted to those hours of rest.
From your mind it spreads like a sick fog, headed for your beating chest.
Slowly you awaken, cold and damp in a world filled with despair.
Transported to their realm, no one said demons fight fair.

The struggles in ones life, they say you can't outrun the past.
Things happen, but yet not happening too fast.
Stop to take a moment and realize all you have.
Let the tears you shed over my lap be your healing salve.
Together we will fight these demons one swat at a time.
I'll be yours and you'll be mine, life will be sublime.

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check out the new pics in my gallery: love your pantyhose

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I'm so happy...can't you see?
Big silly smile on my face...
Jumping up and down...
Doing summersaults...
OMG...yep that's me!!

Joining this site...what a ride it's been
Meeting people here...well not literally
Spankers and Spankees and Switches too
All so sweet and's true!!

Some I met are Doms or Daddy Doms...
Others just spank...and of course...
Disciplinarians...those are my favorite
And what I need...True Discipline or Niko

Writing lots of poems...happy and sad
Very emotional is what I am...
Depending on the day and who I engage
Is how I write my poems...seriously!!

Today I'm happy...buzzing like a bee
So I want to write happily!!
CARS, A Spanking Not, A Spanking...Yes
Happy and sexy and fun attempts!!
Mostly my poems are dark, deep and gloom
Sadly...depressing...seems to rule!!

Thank you everyone for putting up with me
Reading the poems I create...
Letter to word to sentence to paragraph
That's how my stories are made...
Ain't that a Miracle...he he he!!

People who comment...make me smile
Knowing my poems touched them inside
So this is me feeling happy
Happy Happy Happy...yes indeed!!

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After 13 days trying to replace an alternator without pulling the axel, 2 badly smashed fingers n lots of skinned hands i had to pull it anyway.I had very little time with my Babygirl n being cranky, I finally got it replaced. I started the car and the light came back on.I wanted to scream and my Baby was busy with family, so no one to vent with. Today after talking with Babygirl,I crawled under car again and found bad connection. Car is fixed, and Babygirl sent me a video just to say she was thinking of me.Today is truly a great day.

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It seems impossible to find a female Spanking partner who doesn't want a relationship. Im not single, I have a girlfriend who play spanks me and always leads to sex. I do feel like I'm in need of a NON SEXUAL Spanking every once in a while. I have gone to fetlife and other websites and the females there want relationships. Where are the mature ladies with the "takes a village" attitude that are willing to punish my bottom without sex involved? It's frustrating trying to find a lady NOT to have sex with. Any advice would be happily accepted:)

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Hi. I am looking for a spanking partner in the Eastbourne, East Sussex area during December. Ladies only of any age. If interested ask me for more details. Mike.

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I have received a number of enquiries about my previous blog, 'The Circle'. Yes Jen and I are very lucky to have found a number of people down through the years who share our interest. Of the regular 14 people involved in the circle two are strictly dominant while the rest of us,including myself,are comfortable switching roles. Meeting all these people did not happen overnight,both Jen and I have always been careful about who we invite along. One of the members of our Circle is my friend Amy.I know Amy since my first year at university and almost immediately we became very close friends. We experimented and became very close and had a lot of fun spanking each other and a few other girls we met at the time. It is a good feeling when one meets someone who has the same interest and is comfortable being around them. Our 'Circle' are comfortable being around each other at this stage. We come from many different walks of life and live a good distance from one another but always keep in touch.

The founding members of the 'Circle' were Amy ,Jen and myself and very gradually over time we discovered that there were others who shared our interest. Our 'Gentleman Friend' was our next member,I know him a good few years,before I met Jen,he done some work on my house when I first moved in. There is a married couple in our 'Circle' who do their best to get along whenever they can. There is one lady in our 'Circle' who is trying to get her fiance involved,but he is a bit nervous,I have spoken to him and he thinks we are all nuts,but he is understanding of his intended wife and knows there is no sexual intercourse involved,just spanking,LOL! She did spank him but he felt it didn't do too much for him,perhaps she should leave Jenny at him with her cane! At the end of the day it is all consenting adults having fun,people are into lots of different things,we just happen to be into a bit of spanking and correction. We view each meeting as a social event and sit around and talk about everything afterwards, we have dinner together and generally relax. We have dressed up in the past,mainly school uniforms, with Mr.A and Miss R as the teachers,they are the two who don't switch roles. We do have fun and everyone gets excited when we meet up. Our next get together has been arranged for November 22nd somewhere in the west of Ireland at Amy's house.Really looking forward to it.

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Hello ladies and gents. I know I have been MIA but it was for good cause. My time has been being dedicated to starting my at home business. I am a presenter for Younique. I have been trying to broaden my client base and it just hit me this morning to come ask y'all if you would like to take a gander at my webite and possibly shop a lil.

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Today I had the most excellent phone conversation with my Babygirl. Very rarely do we get more than a few minutes at a time and we got over an hour to catch up and tell spooky stories. I hated to hang up, but more time will come along down the road God willing and the creek don't rise. Till then our morning pre work chats will have to do.

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Even though I'm over 30 now my mom actually said "I want to give you a whipping!" During an argument we had a few weeks ago!!!

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Look for a spanking partner in the eastern NC area.Females only! If you're interested, send me a message and we can discuss. :)

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The doors were locked and I wasn't expecting any other company. Curtains drawn, no one else could see. Music up, no one else could hear much, except maybe what could be mistaken for a drum lesson. Maybe it was a lesson, maybe I was the drum.

I had lit some candles and incense because I find it pleasant. The music, if anyone wonders, was type o negative. As a side note I really need to come up with some new music to quickly put on under such circumstances.

I did get another spanking, which I endured with at least a moderate level of grace. This time I suggested that my friend try a few things differently, although I was careful to leave my suggestions open to interpretation and creativity. Differently than the other couple of spankings I got earlier in the weekend, this started with an old fashioned regular over the knee spanking, with properly bared flesh. Even though it was my suggestion and I was willing, I will admit that I had just about forgotten how much more intense a spanking can be on bare skin.....

But I should make it on time to my second job, so I'll have to tell you all about it later! ;-)~

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Hello Fellow UK Spankee's.

'Vacancies ' ........... Seems a silly title,but I had to put something !.

Over the last 2 years I have lost 3 ' REGULAR ' members from my small group of spankee's.
So I believe that I can accommodate at least 2 new friends.
Please note experience / age /size / shape/ skin colour is no barrier to my group.
However these days it is proving difficult for larger ladies to fit over my knee. So perhaps you would have to omit that part of your fantasy.

Also these days I limited my driving time to 2.5 hours,which could be an 'half way point '.

Interested parties feel free to message me.

Experimental / unsure, and newbies can also continue as before to message me too.

N.B :- You must read my profile first.

Good Luck.

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I struggle on a daily basis with this thing I call Darkness...It consumes me at times, and I have anxiety and panic attacks...In this Darkness...scary evil things lurk.. I try to fight this Darkness, and some days it works...I look normal on the outside, my Sir things that I am beautiful and amazing...My sis thinks that I am pretty cool even if I am weird and annoy her...This Darkness does want me to be happy..or have hopes or dreams..this Darkness tries every day to take over my mind..I wear many masks to hid this Darkness from everyone, because it likes to destroy those that I love...It is a never ending battle to keep the Darkness at bay, when it is real bad I lash out say and do hurtful things...At times it makes me hurt myself...It is a War that I am slowly losing...I may look strong, but I feel weak against the Darkness...I know one it will take over all of me...maybe then I will be at peace...I wouldn't wish this on anyone or anything..and yet this is what I baddle daily...This is what consumes my brain..and I don't have a off switch...I am drowning..with no end in sight..

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