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Janie arrived with a driver, at the Lodge. Her Daddy met her on the stairs on the entrance. She never looked more beautiful. Her long golden curls bounced down her back as she walked, nearly touching her fanny. She was dressed in almost completely, in white. Her pretty dress was made of eyelet lace, with a pink silk ribbon woven through the waist. The sleeves were slightly puffy, and the skirt was multilayered. It had just a touch of volume. The neckline was embroidered with tiny pink roses. She wore a thin headband, with the same pink roses, on white satin. She wore little ankle socks with Mary Jane shoes. The heels were low. She wore her new Daddy's Girl, heart locket, around her neck.
David saw his little princess, all dressed in white. She didn't look eighteen. She still lookes like a girl, to him. Her build was slight, but shapely. Her big blue eyes shined, with excitement. How beautiful she was. He hated to let her go, but it was her time. He felt more confident, of Evan's suitability as a husband. Janie needed a firm hand!! He seemed able to wield it.
"Darling, aren't you a picture! I've never seen such a pretty girl!"
"Oh, thank you, Daddy", Janie said, hugging her father, "I just love my locket. It's perfect!!"
"You're very welcome, Princess. It's a special day for you. I've given Evan my blessing, to ask for you as his match."
"Oh, Daddy, I'm the happiest girl in the whole world."
"I love you very much, Janie, and no matter what, you'll always be my girl." The two of them, climbed the stairs. Janie's slim hand, in her Daddy's giant grasp.
"How sore are you, this morning?"
"It's better Daddy, just a little bruised."
"That's good, Janie. a little color, is fine. He gave Janie a little smile and squeezed her hand to reassure her."
"I'm going to take you to my office, for a quick talk, now that you're here, in the Lodge. I know you've been nervous about today. We'll have a visit, then you'll go to the council room. Okay?"
"Yes, Sir."
David led Janie to the King's suite. He poured her some orange juice and sat down with her.
"Now, Janie. I want you to be on your best behavior, today. Remember you are representing our family. There may be some parts of this, that you won't like very much, but you're growing up and it's time, you stopped being a young girl and start to behave like a young woman. If you want Evan to marry you, you need to be approved, by the council. That means, certain standards have to be met. You know what a virgin is, don't you, Janie?"
"Yes, Sir."
"One thing your future husband will want to know, is if you are a virgin."
"I am, Daddy. I promise."
"I know, Janie. But a Dr. might have to check, if Evan or his family want that. I dont think he has any doubt, but it could happen. The council will look at all the girls bottoms. They want to know that you've been raised, correctly. They want to be sure you know how to behave yourself, like a good girl, while you are being punished. You can cry, honey, but no twisting around or putting your hand back. You are allowed to kick a little, but you must not fold up your legs. Remember Dylan had his initiation. This is kind of like yours. Now, we don't have much more time. The council likes the girls to have nice, red bottoms. I know because I'm on the council. I can't vote, when it comes to you, but I can present you, in the best light. Now let's see your bum, darling.... To see if it's red enough."
"Do you want me across your knee, Daddy? Are you going to spank me, so it's nice and red?"
"Yes, Janie, come here, let Daddy see if you need a warming up."
She went to David's side and he hoisted her up and over his lap. He raised her skirt and her pretty petticoats. He was happy to see that her thighs had some color. He pulled her lace underpants down. She had a little bruising just under her cheeks, but not much else. Her skin was just a tiny bit pink.... Not enough to notice.
"I'm sorry, Honey, this won't do. I'm going spank you fast and hard. No counting and no tensing up, now. I want you to practice your manners."
"Are you ready, Dear?"
" Yes, Sir."
With that, David began slapping her little, round bottom, with his very large hand. He had sprayed just a little water, on his palm. He could tell it stung, as Janie jumped, when his hand hit her cheeks. The sting was always immediate. He slapped upward. He wanted to color her bottom, not bruise it. It was such a darling derriere! It was quickly turning from white to a rich pink color. He wanted her whole behind, a nice red. He slapped every part of her cheeks. He bent her further over and spanked under her bum, in that delicate crease. He could hear Janie whine with those. She was being brave. He finished with a few swats to her legs. He'd misted the water on her, just before. She did cry out, but still... She took them all very well!
Janie didn't want to be spanked, but she had no choice. She had to make a good impression. She hung on to Daddy's leg, as the spanking began. Ouch! That stung!! She felt the sting growing hot and then more and more stinging, as she recieved smacks all over her butt. Ooo, it was getting so warm!! She tried to breathe, through them, but already her bottom was hurting. Her Daddy was brushing upwards with the slaps, and they really stung her, like crazy. Her bottom was red hot now. He pushed her over, even farther. Janie knew, that meant her thighs and under her butt cheeks, were going to get it. Ow! She barely made a sound, but tears had come to her eyes. Very soon, he were done. It was a relief to stand. He was pinching her cheeks and checking for color, and seemed satisfied, as he checked his watch.
"That's a beautiful, red bottom, Princess. They are going to love it! Pull up your panties, and smooth down your dress. Let me see your face. Here dry your tears. Let's go."
"Yes, Sir."
It was all happening so fast. Daddy pulled her down a hallway, by her hand. The results of the spanking, were now in full bloom. Her bottom was so stingy and she felt prickly pain everywhere. It felt fiery hot.
They entered a big room. There were about ten girls kneeling on a funny bench. Daddy put her with them.
The council sat behind them.
"Now, girls....", a voice rang out. "Bend forward and reach for the bar. If you can't reach, put your hand up and we'll adjust it. That's it, everyone all set now?"
An attendant started at each end, he pulled the girls skirts up, and yanked their white panties down to their knees. They pushed their knees apart. Okay, now hang on, we are going to raise your bottoms up. A mechanism sounded, and the girls felt their knees rise up and their heads go down. The only thing visible, to the council, was a beautiful line of bare bottoms. They were of every shade. Some were virtually white and unmarked, some a little pink, many, very red and a few very damaged.
Janie heard footsteps behind her. Then she felt, hands touching her bottom...pinching it, slapping it lightly, bouncing her ass cheeks. Then another hand, a few slaps.... some hard. She realized they were parading past the bottoms, patting them all. They were checking for heat and firmness. They wanted to feel, how it felt to slap it. Hand after hand grabbed at her, and whacked and stroked her hot ass cheeks. She could hear them talk.
"What a lovely, spankable bottom. It's no wonder, it's so hot. Look at those round cheeks! Let me smack that... Yes, lovely! Oh, let me try."
She heard Evan's voice, Mr. Stern's and Daddy's! That one was Uncle James'! But she was just a pretty bottom, bent over, in a row. She was glad, they couldn't see her face, right now. She was so embarrassed. So many hands poking and pinching her fanny. Behave, she told herself.

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Squeeze my balls, milk my cock and paddle that ass.

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Last weekend I got a rather rude and pushy reation when I did not jump on the oppurtunity to make myself available to a member who contacted me, persistantly messaging me, and after I explained as it implies in my profile, I was not into being with anyone but my husband he typed "if you are not interested, quit wasting my time!" just minutes after my negative response to a message from him that seemed to imply he wanted me to make a commitment or plans.

I am from the South. We do not act rude or are mean to people generally, but I got in trouble for the blue streak I let loose! I had tried to kindly say I appreciated his interest, but no, fish in another pond... and for my manners I got treated like I was the one who sought him out just to pee in his Cheerios! If and when we decide to invite someone into our relationship party, he will have the manners of a southerner, dominant or not, or he just won't be dominating or partaking of anyone or anything I an connected to.

Am I wrong? Do I owe other members cooperation just by being a member of this site? If so, I am in the wrong place...

My husband wouldn't let me send this to him directly.

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Looking to make some new friends and hopefully maybe some ones local to Tennessee. I would just like to have people to talk too and maybe have some to actually hang out with, instead of getting the run around so to speak.

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My lovely wife has decided that that she would love to invite another woman into our fun and games.

She wants this for a couple of reasons, one to allow someone else to spank and cane me (possibly with some switching but mainly she wants to see me spanked!). Two because she is wanting to experience some girl / girl sexual activity. Her definitive rule is that I will not be having sex with the lucky lady, just her. I will receive my reward from her at the end of the session but until that point I will be there mainly to be spanked and to provide other assistance only when called upon!

As the spankee this is both exciting and a bit daunting. Over the years, through trial and error, we know where my limits are. To submit to a relative stranger will remove this comfort blanket and I suspect my wife will want those limits well and truly pushed.

This will not be easy to set up but here's hoping I will be able to report back, with significant stripes, very soon.

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So I've been getting messages here lately asking if I am a black man cause of my name black spanko

I AM IRISH/italian for future reference

But I'm not gonna lie I love black girls so hmu but honestly I am seeking for a nice girl who needs a male counterpart to coexist message me

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I have a great idea for a story, i have been playing with it in my head all day. Its based on true events and will post when i have finished it.

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Any willing spankers near Wolverine Michigan? I sure could use a good one

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My Sir is kind and understanding and is also a no bullshit kinda Dom. He is a very strong kinda man and knows when to put me in my place. Just with one look or one word....(cassy).... Works great every time... I love serving as him and obeying him... Ty Sir your for making me yours .. kneels before u.. feeling happy and no I am.not saying who he is... It's between us..for now

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It was finally the day of the picnic!! Janie was so excited, she barely slept. It didn't help, of course that her bottom was so sore!!
She had dreamed last night about that spanking, in the study. Instead of her Daddy, Evan, Uncle James and Mr. Stern, sitting in the chairs, there was a huge circle of chairs around a big room. All Dylan's friends, and all the boys, from the Lodge, were seated there. Janie had her dress pulled up and her panties, pulled below her knees. Her bottom was so red!! She was expected to go around the huge room, and ask every boy to spank her. Evan was standing at the front with his arms folded across his chest.
"You're a naughty, naughty girl, Janie. You must learn about consequences. "

She had rolled over, onto her bottom, during the night. She awoke feeling the pain, of her recent misdeeds. She was glad, it was only a dream. She didn't want anything like that, to happen today. Still, she felt anxious. She had no idea what was expected of her, today. She knew she was to wear a white dress and white panties. She was not allowed to wear tights or pantyhose. She felt that must mean something. She'd tried to ask her Daddy, but he said all the girls would be together. It would all be okay. She tried not to worry.
She got out of bed, and looked at her bottom. It wasn't too bad. It was obvious, she'd been spanked, recently, but the blisters had healed. Her bottom was pretty. It was pink with a little bruising on her sit spots. She was relieved, that it wasn't worse.
Aunt Sandra knocked and entered. "You'd better get up, Janie. It's your big day." She had a little box, she gave to Janie.
"I have a surprise for you, sweetheart."
Janie creaked open the lid, and found a pretty locket. It was engraved with "Daddy's Girl".
Sandra smiled, "Your Daddy is busy, but he wanted you to have it, first thing, this morning....To remind you, that no matter what, you'll always be his little girl."
Janie felt the tears welling up, in her eyes. She'd been so naughty, and he had seen that she well punished, but now all had been forgiven. The pain of that spanking, was worth his forgiveness!! He loved her still, and he always would. It was a great way to start the Fair. She'd be matched with Evan, with a clean slate and a well loved backside.
"Aunt Sandra, could you put cream on my bottom?"
"Of course, dear. Are you very sore, Janie?"
"No, just if I sit. I got only a hand spanking, from all of them. Daddy said I was lucky, the Fair was coming, or he'd have caned me!"
"Still, Janie, spankings all around the room?! Did it hurt, terribly?"
"It hurt, of course, Evan spanked me good and hard, on the bare, but it hurt my pride, even more. I had to leave my panties down and my dress up, and go around to Daddy, Uncle James AND Mr. Stern and ask each of them, to spank me, over their knee. That wasn't easy to do, and even though, they only gave me two slaps each, they were really, really hard ones."
"Well, it's all behind you now.... speaking of behinds....!"
Sandra and Janie giggled, as Janie pulled down her p.j. bottoms and bent over the bed. Sandra rubbed the silky cream all over her bottom and thighs.
"Your Uncle James, was cross with me, too." , Sandra confided, "He gave me a hard spanking, across his lap, before bed, that night. It's been a long time, since he gave me such a licking. He is so heavy handed! After that, he gave me ten strokes of the cane. You know, he loves to whip that cane, through the air. He made some remark... "whistle, while you work"....while making it whistle, as he whipped my fanny. "
"Do you want me to put cream on your bottom too, Auntie?"
"That would be lovely, Janie."
They switched places, and Janie was shocked, how really marked her Aunt's bottom was. "Oh, Auntie, I'm so sorry. It was all my fault."
"We each had a part in it, Janie. It's all forgotten. What's a sore bottom, anyways?! I always liked how tender it was afterwards. It feels good, somehow."
"I know Auntie. It makes me tingly."
"Well let's get you ready. I bought you some pretty new white panties. Now Janie, I'm not supposed to tell you much, but at least, back when I was matched, the girls had to line up, and bend over this long kneeler. You'll probably have to pull down your panties, show your bottom, to the elders. They may spank you, but don't complain. Evan's Dad will be there. He might spank you, and Evan might be there, asking for a match. He may also have a go at you. Don't worry, it'll just be in good fun.... Or at least it used to be. You'll do fine. Then you'll go to the picnic. They'll hold the ceremony for the boys, in private, and present them all, as Dragons, at the picnic. Then, the first matches are announced.
Afterwards, the Father's meet, to discuss possible matches, and in some cases to arrange a marriage. You just be a good girl and it'll all go fine."
Famous last words, thought Janie. But, she couldn't wait for Evan to take her across his knee again.... To get that excited feeling, and get all warm and slippery. She couldn't enjoy it, last time. She hoped she be able to let go and feel it, today!!

They went down for a quick breakfast, and then they all had to get ready. They scattered, to their rooms. Janie had to be there early, but her Daddy would meet her at the door. As she was already pre-matched, she'd go before the council early. Erin would be there too.
Janie wasn't afraid. She didn't mind getting her bottom warmed. A good hiding, helped keep her out of trouble. She'd been given many serious whippings, over the years.
"This will be a cakewalk!!", Janie said

Sandra looked at her niece, shaking her head, but saying nothing. It was NOT going to be a cake walk.

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Hand & Rubber Paddle~
Taking me by the arm, he sternly told me I needed to be punished. I was lead to the corner. My arms were placed above my head and I was advised not to move. Corner time is embarrassing, I felt like a child standing there, nose to the wall, thinking about my impending spanking. Behind me I heard him take his suit coat off and hang it in the closet. He shuffled about the room not saying a word. I heard him take out the brush and paddle. As I was starring at the wall I felt my hands get clammy and my knees weak as I stood there as still as I could. I heard a chair being drug out and then, I heard his voice.
I was told to turn around and to walk over to him. He held his arms out and instructed me to roll up his sleeves. He then unbuttoned my jeans, tugged them down over my panties and pulled me across his lap. I laid across his knees, knowing I was going to be spanked hard. I needed it. When I felt the first sting of his hand I gasped and braced myself for the next.
He does not believe in light warm ups over pants so my panties were quickly and swiftly warmed up for a solid 20 minutes, hand only. He scolded me. He stopped for a quick second. I thought he would rub my bottom but instead he grabbed the rubber paddle and pulled my panties down, bare bottom exposed and resumed spanking me.
I was beginning to squirm. He paddled me for another 20 minutes. Scolding all the while and holding me in place with his hand pressing into the small of my back. He stopped, stood me up and lead me back to the corner. Jeans and panties around my knees. Hands above my head no moving. He sat behind me and chastised me. He asked me if I was having second thoughts. I boldly replied, "No Sir".
He came up behind me, swatted my behind and matter of factly reminded me this was only the beginning.

Punishments begin and end with corner time. I was back in the corner. I leaned on the wall and flinched a couple of times feeling the residual sting from his "warm up". In an instant I felt several swift swats on my sore bottom, he sternly told me not to move and to stand up straight. He threatened 100 strikes with the paddle if I moved again. I didn't.
Once again I was told to turn around. He was standing in front of the long leather chaise lounge. He told me to bend over the top and rest on my elbows. My legs and feet were helplessly dangling as my bare bottom was exposed in the perfect position. He told me to keep my eyes forward.
I heard belt slide through his pant loops and I looked back and he immediately corrected me by spanking several good thwacks with his hand and again told me to look forward.
He strapped my tender bottom with his belt I don't how many times before he took a break. I dangled there, feeling the bite from his belt and the heat on my ass. He pulled me off the chaise only to grab a pillow and place it over the top and bent me back over. He strapped me several sets, paused, rubbed my blistered bottom and even with my whimpering and pleading, he continued. I reached back and he pinned my arm. More strapping, more pleading.
I promised I had learned my lesson.
He rested his belt over my bottom and suddenly I felt cold ice soothing the sting, it felt so refreshing. He stood me up and told me to march to the
Hands this time behind my back. I rubbed my behind. He didn't see that. I stood still this time.

The dreaded hairbrush in his opinion is to be used for true bad behavior. He believes it is most effective on already punished bottoms. He saved the brush for my final spanking.
My lip started to quiver as he told me I should be spanked for an entire hour straight. I shook my head no please! My bottom was so tender I shuttered at the thought.
He asked me if I had anything to say to him.
I softly expressed how sorry I was for being a naughty girl. He told me to get the hairbrush. He held out his hand and I reluctantly handed it off to him. He pulled my panties down. Bare bottomed he pulled me across his knees and with no hesitation he began with several hard swats to one cheek, than the other, back and forth, several on one over and over. Alternate, repeat. Pain. Blissful pain. I was already kicking and reaching back to save my poor fanny. My actions didn't phase him. He tightened his grip on me, locked both of my hands behind my back and used the brush to blister my behind. He reached for the ice again. I laid across his knee trying to catch my breath, feeling the sting of the brush and the coolness from the ice. It's all refreshing however it leaves a wet target and he took the opportunity to scorch my bare bottom until I promised, I fervently promised I had learned all my lessons..
He then rubbed and caressed my punished bottom and told me my punishment was over. I stayed across his lap, and melted just like the ice cooling the sting and heat on my well punished bottom.
The end.

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Been continuing the dueling verses, with Spanking_Butt. Please read his companion piece, posted earlier. Ty

The carriage drove on,
It was drawn by back horses.
The bride dried her tears,
no time for remorses.
Her Father's hip pocket,
Now heavy with gold,
She belonged to her master,
Now body and soul.
Her Prince cut a figure,
So rugged and handsome,
He must want her badly,
To pay such a ransom.
She felt herself quiver,
As she flushed and grew wet,
She'd oblige her new husband,
To offset her debt.
If truth, be a herald,
She'd trumpet her lust,
And jut out her bottom,
For paddle or thrust!
She dreamed of the night,
That he'd make her cry madly,
And bed her with vigor,
And mark her ass badly.
The cottage appeared,
A retreat, made by faeries.
She soon found her bottom,
As red as a cherry.
She cried, like a baby,
Spanked over his knee,
But it earned her a strap,
On the bare, one, two, three.
Now she was juicy,
Her cheeks, hot as embers,
He opened her legs,
And in, went his member.
She squealed, as he pumped,
And she came, such a lot,
He drove her again,
With his mighty, stiff cock.
Conquered, this maiden,
Was happy not vexed,
Her bottom a gift,
He would soon, open next.

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Can any one give me a bare butt spanking please?

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I'm just fuckin done!!

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right there and then
his interest did blossom
when she lifted her skirts
and thrust out her bottom
he gave her a wink
and her rear a good slap
she pouted her lips
then started to laugh

a saucier wench
there may be a few
but none were aligned
in his immediate view
for now and forever
for better or worse
he reached in his pocket
and fingered his purse

the matchmaker watched
with a knowing of eyes
there'd not be a turning
and there'd be no surprise
for all that was holy
and all that was wise
in the barter and trade
of wenches for wives

she'll wear you right out
just wait and you'll see
as he offered that up
while collecting his fee
she's much more than willing
and her bottom is ample
she'll need a good spanking
so he threw in a paddle

so he gave her a whack
just for good measure
considered her worth
and the price of her pleasure
he was happier now
with his subject of choice
with a parting of legs
her panties were moist

the bargain was struck
and all that prevails
is the bedding of wench
and all that entails
when she grabbed for his cock
she dug in her nails
then demanded a taste
of the cat-o-nine tails

(to be continued)

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She drops her yoga pants just below her cheeks and puts her hands in front to try to cover her exposed butt.  I Slapped her hands and told her to put them back on her head.  She started to realize this wasn't just a playful punishment...
I pulled her yoga pants to the floor and made her step out of them, then I told her to turn around and face me.  She did so, blushing in her t shirt and tiny thong.  I stood up and walked behind her and laid her over the crease of my bed and started slapping her ass one cheek at a time
Smack smack smack
until I noticed she was getting very pink and uncomfortable. Then I told her to stand up and put her hands back on her head and not to move.
After that I  sat down and placed my hands on her waste and told her to sit on my lap and bring one leg back to me at a time. (Little did she know I was placing her in one of my favorite and most exposing positions...the wheelbarrow!) One i had both of her knees on my bed on each side of my i told her to slowly lean forward and place her hands on the floor. Now that i have this tiny pink thong in front of me and her legs spread nicely i placed my hands on each of her cheeks and gave them a good squeeze. I could here her making noises of disgust knowing she put herself in this position and i was in full control of her body!

If this gets more interest and comments I'll continue. Also feel free to post stories for me to read and comment on too.

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after the classes
and after the bells
where excuses were made
there were stories to tell
the boys all lined up
outside of her door
for spanking detentions
in room 204

some say that she liked
giving bottoms a slap
across her short skirt
and her pantyhose lap
where trousers got lowered
right down to the floor
for spanking detentions
in room 204

when passing a note
or just talking in class
caught out in the hallway
without a hall pass
the slightest infraction
she would never ignore
with spanking detentions
in room 204

I'm embarrassed to say
I liked taking my chance
presenting my bottom
in white underpants
I put tacks on her chair
and put mice in her drawer
for spanking detentions
in room 204

it was such a sad state
of unseemly affairs
while admiring her panties
from under the stairs
she knew what I needed
and that was for sure
a spanking detention
in room 204

the tone of her voice
and the things that she said
the hem of her skirt
they were all in my head
all of these feelings
I would love to explore
with spanking detentions
in room 204

these discipline games
that I liked and she played
she set all the rules
and she must be obeyed
with hopes of a paddling
and maybe much more
my spanking detentions
in room 204

that's where it all stated
way back in the day
where lessons were learned
in the old fashioned way
If it were all up to me
I'd give her an award
for spanking detentions
in room 204

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My Daddy is usually a very positive minded person. But yesterday he was having a pretty bad day. And when I wondered where he was in the quietness of my empty texting screen, and he told me what was going on, I wanted so much to grab him and hug him the rest of the day.... that's sorta hard to do when he's in TX and I'm in PA. I was also at work and not able to call him. But I just wanted some way to make him smile again and my texts seemed so ineffective to me. So I did a little meme browsing online, looking for something that might work. Most of the time I don't have a lot of luck with finding a good meme, but yesterday I found the perfect one.

A little back story is needed to explain why it was so perfect: my Daddy has long hair. On occasion I will text him things like-- "sneaking up on you and lifting your hair so I can kisssssssssss the back of your neck." A couple weeks ago when I knew he was distracted at home in TX, I messaged him- "sneaking up behind you and sprinkling glitter in your hair...." That led to him replying about how he was wondering why his scalp was suddenly itchy, getting glittery hands, and then I'd end up with glitter hand prints on my butt when I got spanked. Hee hee. And since then, there have been little references to the glitter here and there. I'd threaten to tug on Daddy's whiskers, and he'd say, "it's not the tugging that's the problem, it's the glitter that you leave behind," etc. ;)

So, yesterday in browsing memes, I came across one that said:

Hello. I'm the happiness fairy. I've sprinkled happy dust on you. Now smile, dammit, that shit's EXPENSIVE.

I sent it and added beneath it:
And yeah, it's glittery. And it's in your hair.

Daddy often sends me little voice messages via text (recommended to all you Doms out there, btw). And this is what he sent back to me yesterday in a voice message:

"Thank you for cheering me up. It really worked. It’s all I needed. I just have to live my life and be happy. And one thing that makes me happy is, I’m going to have to go through what I’m going through right now no matter what, I’m just glad while I’m going through it, I get to have you in my life. So thank you. Makes my life better. Big hugs."

Can't even find the right words to explain how good I felt when I heard that message from him, how happy I was to have made a difference to him on a dark day, despite the distance between us. ❤

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It's recently occurred to me that there are several different types of Sub or Bottom which show in the way they react to a spanking. Here are 4 which I have identified.

Reluctant - tries to reduce the impact of a spanking by twisting, turning and squirming or even running away.

Stoical - takes severest punishment without showing any reaction at all.

Obedient - stays in place during punishment as directed by the Dom/Top.

Compliant - actively ensures that their bottom is best presented for each spank/stroke. (Opposite of Reluctant).

Can anyone think of any others?

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stands in corner looking down hands on my butt... well yesterday was a really bad day . i got in a bad mood last night due to someone in real life pissing me off..i went to t he gym to try get rid of the anger and stress.... y a didn't... work .. got worse ... SIr could have tore my ass-up and my mood probably wouldn't have changed....i dont like it when in real life people push my buttons and i cant say anything back to them .. its frustrating as hell... so iam saying sorry now ... for any wronf doing i may have done or may do ... still in a mood.... but not as bad i guess you can say .....if i have said anything out of anger iam SORRY ... trying harder to be in better mood ....

Girl Spanks Girl